Add up one of New Jersey's favorite front men, limitless set lists, rigid
sound and watertight musicianship and you get
The Rory Daniels Band
Entertaining the Jersey crowd for over
15 years there isn't anything
The Rory Daniels Band can't play.  From
Kings of Leon and the Killers, to Prince and the Dave Matthews Band their set list is wide open to cover anything and everything the crowd wants.


  The Rory Daniels Band rocks all the favorite clubs up and down the NJ shoreline
  stretching as far south Maryland all the way up to Vermont.  Rory, Dave, Mike, and Rob form one of the strongest musical ensembles in the cover circuit. Keeping
  the set lists fresh with new sounds and adding personal spins on old favorites is the 
  key to their success.
The Rory Daniels Band guarantees a good time.

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